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Keith   Armes
USATT Rating: 1812
AGTTA Club Rating: 1149

AGTTA Club Stats
Club Wins - Matches: 364
Club Losses - Matches: 381
League Wins - Matches: 0
League Losses - Matches: 0
Highest Rating: 1818
On: Tuesday, April 23, 2002
Current Win Streak: 1
Longest Win Streak: 11
On: Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Table Wins: 47
Table Wins Rank: 15
Table Wins Per Session: 0.23
AGTTA Join Date: Thursday, April 18, 2002
Personal Information
Name: Keith   Armes
City: McDonough
Home Country: USA  
Gender: Male

Style Information
Grip: Shakehands
Forehand Rubber Type: Inverted
Backhand Rubber Type: Inverted

Player Description: At a glance, you might assume that Keith might have developed an "old-school" style of play during his generation but it's quite the contrary actually. He plays a contemporary offensive style shared amongst the best players in the world today. With 3rd ball serve setups and excellent attacking strokes on the backhand and forehand, Keith remains competitive with most of the top league players. Keith also has the ability to put enough body leverage into an insurmountable forehand so much so that his opponents will not even attempt to return it. Lately, Keith has enjoyed playing Table Tennis on a casual level, but that doesn't stop him from whipping out shots from his prime every now and then.

Wanna play me?
Here are the times and places I'm available for play: AGTTA - Lucky Shoals league
Competition Preferences: Any

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