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Ilya   Bushkanets
USATT Rating: 1436
AGTTA Club Rating: 1636

AGTTA Club Stats
Club Wins - Matches: 578
Club Losses - Matches: 607
League Wins - Matches: 3
League Losses - Matches: 3
Highest Rating: 1999
On: Monday, July 13, 2009
Current Win Streak: 0
Longest Win Streak: 9
On: Saturday, December 18, 2010
Table Wins: 91
Table Wins Rank: 9
Table Wins Per Session: 0.25
AGTTA Join Date: Thursday, April 18, 2002
Personal Information
Name: Ilya   Bushkanets
City: Alpharetta
Home Country: Russia  
Gender: Male

Style Information
Grip: Shakehands
Forehand Rubber Type: Inverted
Backhand Rubber Type: Inverted

Player Description: Ilya is the epitome of a Table Tennis player who demonstrates that eloquence and grace can overcome power any day. Most of his expressions are represented through his paddle by consistent and extremely spinny loops that have been cornerstone to his game since day one. If there was a shot that most would say he liked the most, it would be his back hand loop. Every chance he gets, whether it's a serve return, counter loop, or back hand smash, Ilya will use this shot to gain an edge over his opponents. Ilya's game is always developing with advanced stategies and tactics so it's always a pleasure to see him play.

Wanna play me?
Here are the times and places I'm available for play: AGTTA - Lucky Shoals league & MJCC
Competition Preferences: 0ver 1800 - interested in playing matches

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