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Mirsad   Cehajic
USATT Rating: 1564
AGTTA Club Rating: 1370

AGTTA Club Stats
Club Wins - Matches: 335
Club Losses - Matches: 367
League Wins - Matches: 0
League Losses - Matches: 0
Highest Rating: 1728
On: Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Current Win Streak: 1
Longest Win Streak: 9
On: Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Table Wins: 39
Table Wins Rank: 11
Table Wins Per Session: 0.18
AGTTA Join Date: Thursday, April 18, 2002
Personal Information
Name: Mirsad   Cehajic
City: Grayson
Home Country: Bosnia  
Gender: Male

Style Information
Grip: Shakehands
Forehand Rubber Type: Inverted
Backhand Rubber Type: Inverted

Player Description: Mirsad, sprinkled with a little bit of Bosnia and Herzegowina, is unique in many aspects whether you're referring to his accent or his Table Tennis game. His unorthodox serve and style is enough to win points on any player. He loves to counter loop either on or off the table and bait his opponents into unforced errors. What's most surprising about his game is how he loves to smash a top spin loop . When it comes to Table Tennis, Mirsad is in his own league.

Wanna play me?
Here are the times and places I'm available for play: AGTTA - Lucky Shoals league
Competition Preferences: Over 1700 - interested in match play & training

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