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Toan   Nguyen
USATT Rating: 1562
AGTTA Club Rating: 1675

AGTTA Club Stats
Club Wins - Matches: 563
Club Losses - Matches: 472
League Wins - Matches: 4
League Losses - Matches: 5
Highest Rating: 1838
On: Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Current Win Streak: 5
Longest Win Streak: 12
On: Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Table Wins: 64
Table Wins Rank: 16
Table Wins Per Session: 0.25
AGTTA Join Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Personal Information
Name: Toan   Nguyen
City: Mableton
Home Country: Vietnam  
Gender: Male

Style Information
Grip: Shakehands
Forehand Rubber Type: Inverted
Backhand Rubber Type: Inverted

Player Description: A lot of Table Tennis players come into the gym and start warming up. That’s not the case for Toan Nguyen though. Toan will usually walk into gym and quietly watch players until the league starts. He looks unimpressive because he'll play in jeans and not warm up. Don't be fooled! Toan is an all around solid player. He is best known for his lethal backhand that is accurate to a fault. Lunging into the ball with his entire body, he can hit the ball any where he chooses with his backhand. If you visit Chastain and want to put your game to the test, look for the guy who plays in his jeans.

Wanna play me?
Here are the times and places I'm available for play: AGTTA - Lucky Shoals league
Competition Preferences: Players interested in coaching

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