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Selected Player's Matches
LeagueGroupMatch DateWinnerLoserWinner's RatingLoser's RatingGamesRating Adj.Forfeit
ATTC 201253/18/2012Susan HaumederUyang Aa18915337
ATTC 201253/18/2012Kyle ChoUyang Aa66153316
ATTC 201253/18/2012Tina ChenUyang Aa21815335
ATTC 201253/18/2012Kazuko GatmaitanUyang Aa29115332
ATTC 201253/18/2012Andrew ChoUyang Aa22615335
ATTC 201263/11/2012Kyle ChoUyang Aa40200330
ATTC 201263/11/2012Tina ChenUyang Aa21920037
ATTC 201263/11/2012Justin TatUyang Aa38520032
ATTC 201263/11/2012Andrew ChoUyang Aa21020038